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Characteristics of Successful Remote Workers.

Remote Workers

Heard of it? Extremely popular, no matter what you call it.
Millions of Americans now classify themselves as remote workers and both
employers and employees are benefiting from these relationships.
But not everyone wants to work in their office-bound counterparts. Number of
benefits can be reaped as a result of employing remote workers. Here are several:
1)Increased productivity. Believe it or not, remote workers are actually more
productive than their 9 to 5 office-bound jobs .According to a survey, Remote
workers have faced fewer distractions from coworkers, which has an impact on
daily output.
2)Saves money. When employees work remotely, everyone saves money.
Businesses save an average of $10,000 per year in real estate costs, whereas the employees themselves save roughly$5,240 in expenses. That’s enough to make everyone pretty happy.
3)Presence. There are always workers who are calling in sick or sneaking out
early to run an errand or get to an event on time. But remote workers are not tied
to an office, they can design their workday to meet the demands of their lives. This ultimately makes remote workers more present for their work and team.
4) Teamwork. Despite the distance, remote workers can connect more to their
teammates as distance require more communication. This really helps the workers to create a strong bond between them.
Once you realize the high returns that remote working can bring to your
buisness,you may feel the urge to immediately start reassigning your employees
and hiring new people to fill remote positions.

But remember, Not everyone is cut out for remote working. It takes a special individual to succeed. Specifically, that individual should be:

1)Self Motivated: While you may find it relatively simple to motivate in-office
employees, it’s much more challenging to stay on top of remote workers. That’s
why it’s so important for remote workers to be self-motivated and independent.
2)Disciplined: While remote workers may not have to deal with distractions related to coworkers and office drama, they’re still exposed to their own set of unique diversions. They should set the deadlines and follow through on them, and avoidhandling personal responsibilities during the middle of the workday.
3) Strong in communication skills: The remote worker should be very good in
communication as they don’t spend much time in office. They need to be proficient with both email and phone, understanding how to relay results in a clear and concise manner.
4) Highly responsive: You can’t afford to spend your day chasing down your
remote workers when you need information or answers. That’s why, in addition to being good communicators, remote workers need to be highly responsive. They should always be reachable during the workday, and within minutes, whether
that’s through phone or email.

Remote working leads to high returns — that much is clear. But not everyone
is cut out for the responsibility. The key is to hire the right people. If you can
find individuals who fit the mold discussed above, the remote portion of
your operation will be a success.

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