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The times across the globe have thrown in a challenge to the human race. The challenge is so vivid and complex, that only those who are competitive and think out of the box can face it and overcome it.

It is at this juncture that the test of the best comes into play. Beyond thought every individual or a corporate should plan and work towards ensuring that the changing trends evolved are utilized, company assets are the pivotal strength to be cautiously handled to ensure that the optimum mileage is obtained. Builders will have a rethought on the current plan of development to be changed to the most common need from all sectors to ensure optimum returns on investments.

The current trend of logistics spanning out across borders has catapulted their requirements for warehouses and other activities.

The dynamics of the marketplace have seen enormous changes on a day-to-day basis, which has made the real estate market to be more challenging at the same time an opportunistic playground. Even the most mammoth players alike have put on their thinking caps to evolve various strategies for this changing market. Even after all this, it is not sure that this trend is going to stay for a while.

The pandemic has given the real test of strength to all :

· The corporates and the like have opportunities to maximize their asset strength.

· The builder's fraternity will have to relook at their plans.

· Investment focus has got many options to capitalize on the trends cropping up.

· Reconsolidation of office space strengthens the organization in utilizing the opportunities available.

· Multiple opportunities of space availability in varying sizes have also contributed to many options for reconsolidation of commercial spaces.

· Changing commercial space needs are not a challenge when you have many options.

· Productivity may have increased, with increased stress and frustration for the human resources to endure it. Hence this poses up yet another area of concern to be addressed.

· The act of work-life balance for a human resource with the extending arm of the organizations can ensure a better mileage for corporate strategies.

· Evolving with dedicated covid care centres, conducting specialized vaccine drives are a boon to the human resources of an organization, wherein the support from management reflects empathy for all.

· Utilizing the investment opportunities, keeping in mind the future ahead with the right mix of balanced growth can yield enormous results in the days to come.

· Opt for the right partners who can render the best recommendations and solutions should be the need of the day.

All these will make us look at the statistics of the media around the globe. Different views and different results from various non-comparable situations have come out to emphasize the need for personal interactions, work-life balance, unlimited opportunities for the youth, working from home or nearby satellite spaces closer to home, different possibilities to work, will only make the office space to be reviewed with future in mind. However all factors of growth of the economy will also have to be kept in mind for the all-round development of the society, motivating the fresh younger generations stepping into the work culture will also matter a lot, thereby the industry and the fabric of the business entities are to be safeguarded as a whole.

We as an organization are armed with the right mix of options to cater to the needs of the corporates and all sectors of the business community, extending the best support, beyond expectations. I am confident and sure that in the days ahead of us, we can look to chance upon different opportunities with multitudes of options to play with.

- Achuth Gowda, MRICS
  Founder & Managing Director
  Fidelitus Corp, India

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