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Indian Achievers’ Forum Award 2020-21

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I am extremely grateful to be honoured with the Indian Achievers’ Award 2020-21 in recognition of outstanding professional achievement and contribution in Nation Building. IAF (Indian Achievers Forum), being India’s most coveted award, is another feather in the cap for Fidelitus and goes on to prove our competency in the field.

It is a well-known fact that smooth seas never make good sailors. It has not always been easy to stay on top. We have faced many hurdles which required us to strive together as a team and move ahead. A company becomes successful not only because of all its achievements but also because of how the situation was handled when there was a chance for things to go downhill. With proper support and coordination from the team, Fidelitus was able to overcome all the hurdles and come back stronger than ever in the industry. Success will follow hard work, we never stopped believing in our capabilities and stood together as a team to ensure that even the strongest of a turbulent did not disrupt us.

This award is an encouragement for us to dream bigger and gives us the motivation to reach what seems to be impossible. Fidelitus has much more to achieve and this is only the beginning.

Best Regards,

Achuth Gowda, MRICS
Founder and Managing Director
Fidelitus Corp