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We Saw The Opportunity, We Believed, And We Conquered

In which category do you come under?

Jack of all, Master of none OR Jack of none, Master of one.

Fidelitus Corp prefers being “The Master Of All”!

It’s often a general notion that a Real Estate company cannot excel in all sectors. Our transaction experts are here to prove this wrong by ensuring that we provide our offerings with high expertise across various sectors. They have crossed all boundaries and successfully completed major transactions in sectors like healthcare, education, residential, commercial, etc.

After completing a major transaction of 3 Acres for a nation-building organization at RR Nagar, Bangalore, we are happy to have expanded across various sectors in the industry as our Transaction Assistant Managers, Anusha RM and Rajath MR completed a major transaction of built to suit long-term lease of 4 Acres for Vidyashilp School at Kanakpura Road, Bangalore. With high competition in the industry, we were able to gauge the requirements of our clients and cater to their needs specifically.

With an increasing trend in the market especially in the healthcare sector which is a niche, many hospitals, health care systems, and medical practitioners opt for leasing out highly equipped and economical spaces. We identified this need in the market and were able to correctly tap their requirements and close major transactions in this sector as well one of which is a renowned nation-building organisation in Bangalore, Karnataka. The transaction experts of Fidelitus Corp, Nikhil Rangwani and Akash Patil, were able to ensure that there were no problems in the whole process of the transaction when it came to arranging for meetings in the lockdown period and were able to manage and complete the transaction efficiently as per the timeline preferred by our client.

We never believe in putting all our eggs in one basket. We will continue to venture into as many sectors as possible and study the market in-depth to be able to provide exactly what they’re looking for. Since our experts are able to complete a major transaction every time we have explored a new sector, it encourages our real estate experts to continue to do the same.

The real estate industry is vast in nature and of course, needs a lot of study and comparisons in order to master it. By continuously striving for excellence we will definitely be able to achieve what the ordinary won’t.

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