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The digital shift posing new problems to the HR professionals?

The emergence of online platforms for recruitment has definitely been a boon to the HR industry. The technologies used by HR professionals have evolved from being cumbersome and time-consuming to being streamlined and efficient. With the help of technology, it is possible for a company to receive numerous applications in a short time frame. HR professionals are increasingly looking to online platforms for recruiting, training, employee performance reviews, and other HR functions. The major reason is that this process has become more difficult due to the rise of a remote workforce, delayed interviews with potential candidates, high attrition rates in some sectors, and the need to be cost-effective while doing all of this. But along with the many advantages, there are many negative aspects of this virtual shift which is making it very challenging for the HR experts to do their job effectively.

Since the job market is putting forward various good opportunities in recent times post lockdown, many companies are hiring aggressively as they want to expand. This is misused by various candidates who are on the lookout for a change in jobs by playing around with cross offers. After accepting the offer in one organization, the same offer is used as a trump card to demand a higher CTC from another organization. The virtual interview process might have saved time and made the whole procedure efficient but on the other hand, it has also made it simpler for candidates to cheat and grab the offer. There have been cases when the person attending the interview is completely different from the one who joins for work or when the person giving the interview is only lip-syncing to the voice of another in the background who is answering all the questions. Collectively all of this has created major problems for the HR department which is making it difficult for them to hire good candidates matching their requirements in the given time.

It is no doubt that many of us were forced to embrace the virtual platforms for all our day-to-day tasks at work, due to the work-from-home culture. But this has many downsides, as many are finding loopholes in the system to cheat the recruiters. A physical, face-to-face recruitment process will put an end to or at least try to minimize the wrongful conduct of the procedure, thus making it easier for the HR experts to do their job.

“One should not take advantage of the transition to digital platforms and involve in unethical practices which makes it hard for the HR professionals to do their job efficiently, instead let’s create a healthy digital ecosystem which focuses on making the best use of technology and aim to minimize the malpractices as much possible”, stated Mr. Achuth Gowda, Founder & MD of Fidelitus Corp.

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