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Every INDIVIDUAL is a born sales expert.

Sale (dictionary meaning) : the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something.

Does it just restrict to this or it goes beyond?

In every organisation, the sales team plays a very important role as they are the feeders of the organisation through whom the products and services are sent out of the company to reach the customers.

Is sales easy? There’s nothing in life which is easy, so it’s a ‘no’. Does it take any courses to learn sales? No. Can anybody do sales? Definitely yes.

I believe each and every individual who you and I would have come across have done sales in various situations. Let me give you an example and let’s see if you can relate.

When you talk to your friends about some suggestions, you have about a fun night and you want to convince them to go to a particular place and they agree. You have just sold them your idea of fun. That’s a sale.

When individuals attend interviews to get a job, they think they are getting chosen for what’s written in the resume but the truth of F2F interviews is to check how well you can sell yourself to the interviewer about all the qualities, traits and expertise you have so that they can choose and give you a job instead.

There are many such instances that each one of us could just sit back and ponder on. Every individual sells something or the other on a day to day basis but unknowingly.

However, there are a few fortunate ones who recognize the opportunity and monitise from it. This Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Hence, the whole concept of sales, ” it’s not everyone’s cup of tea”, is just a myth. With the right mindset and awareness about oneself, sales can be a very exciting profession that anybody could take and do wonders in.

I have just sold my idea to you, what’s yours?

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