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How to properly ventilate your workplace

Most of the people are spending their lives in their working place. So just imagine how such working environment should be ventilated. Ventilation is something that people should concentrate while designing a building. It is necessary for the building as well as employees.

Problems associated with poor ventilation

Concentration of oxygen and carbon di oxide

The insufficient air in a room will increase carbon dioxide and decrease oxygen which will create headaches and stuffy breathing inside the room. It’s important to keep circulation balanced in order to avoid such issues.

Mold, mildew and condensation

Mold and mildew are problems formed and are spread faster. It affects easily who is affected with asthma. This is due to the very poor indoor air quality.

Humidity and temperature

Humid temperature can influence a human’s mental and physical activity. When people are comfortable, they work effectively. If humid rules it affects the entire office building too.

Harmful substances and dust

Dust will easily form in a commercial building. Cleaning the dust itself will bring contamination. It’s essential to prevent odors, smoking smell in order to avoid health issues in employees.

Here are some tips to improve air quality

Natural Ventilation

Letting natural air into a building is the best way. However we can’t predict the inflow and outflow of air, it’s essential as well as naturally healthy. Sometimes outside temperature can also affect ventilation

Spot ventilation

We have seen exhaust fan above the kitchen and the air vent in the bathroom, likewise spot ventilation at office helps in exhausting moisture and air pollution. This goes well where extra ventilation is required in the commercial building.

Whole building ventilation

This is the replacement of natural and spot ventilation when you feel it’s not that effective. Whole building ventilation with control helps in removing dust and air pollutants.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the easiest ways to install in a commercial building to get good ventilation. It can be adjusted as per employees need even at extreme weather. It helps in purifying, filtering and supply pure air to office interiors.

Controlling air pollutants

Air pollution mainly happens because of the products inside the office which includes furniture, paint, building itself. Purchasing odorless furniture’s, wood furniture’s with polishes, by adding all this you can eliminate some pollutants. It is also recommended to use green cleaning products.

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