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Ten Office Design Trends

An individual’s work, home, and social life become zoomed out day by day. Today many workplaces are offering a good environment to their workers and now its all about designing that workspace. Here the new office design trends play a very important role.

  1. The value of employee’s well-being– Employees who are more engaged towards work can boost up the company by 20% from the bottom. These employees are emotionally invested in.

The office design trends can engage workers by providing wellness program like

Massage therapy

Meditation areas


Yoga studios and walking

Rock climbing walls

Espresso and cocktail bars

Game rooms

Corporate sports tournaments.

  • Technology– Technology is not a new concept for office design trends. This year it continues as virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa which they are becoming real assistants. They are identifying where we are and what are we doing. They help us in reminding our agenda, scheduling meetings help in calling and also orders us a coffee. These are facts of office design trends.
  • Third spaces– Third space in office design trends includes meeting rooms, conference rooms, pantry. This has become a big debate that how it helps employees work there, and nowadays offices utilize it wisely and improve productivity.
  • Open collaborative space– This collaborative open space is not a new concept in office design trends yet they are deeply discussed how it can be utilized wisely. It is spoken how they are designed within the office space and marks them out as different.
  • Walls– Previously walls are the only way used for partition by office designers. Nowadays office design trends use other materials for partitions, like bamboo walls and metal displays.
  • Textures and finishes– With the rise of minimal office the texture will become one way for a workplace. Biophilic office design trend is more of natural based finishes. The combination of metals, wood, textiles, the stone will be seen in 2019.
  • Flexibility- The nature of today’s work is so complex and unpredictable. All purpose room will not satisfy a knowledgeable person. The office design trends should provide many “activity settings”. Activity settings should include meeting areas, project room, individual space, break areas which one size does not fit all. Many companies have now opted for a laptop instead of the desktop because they are liberal enough to allow workers to work from wherever they are.
  • Lighting– The proper lighting facility at office reduces around 15% of absenteeism at the office. Today’s office design trends have ample daylight and windows all have a positive impact on people’s well-being.
  • Colors– There are color palettes which suit every office from startup to branded companies. Office design trends make use of color psychology works well in most of the offices.
  • Inclusion and accessibility improvements– Office design trends have improved some basic necessities and accessible for common things like-

Disabled friendly parking

Wheelchair accessible doorways

Ramps at entry and exits

Wide corridors and easy access to workstations

Elevators in all new building

Accessible washrooms

Height adjustable desks

Accessible plug sockets.

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