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Benefits of Vertical Gardens in the Workplace.

What is Vertical garden?

Vertical gardens also called as living walls, is nowadays a gaining popularity among both the home and workplace. Vertical gardening is a method of growing plants on walls rather than horizontal surfaces such as tables and floors. There are different ways to grow a vertical garden and there are various benefits of having living wall.g

Benefits of vertical garden :


There are various advantages in raising plant walls. A standout amongst the clearest explanations behind joining a living divider is the magnificence. Adding a green wall to an office space makes the place more inviting and Relaxing. It creates focus of attention and unexpected design element. Plant walls will increase foot traffic if you are in the retail business, at last prompting more deals. If you are in a corporate building, living walls will help make a progressively cordial and soothing condition for meetings.  They are the philosophy of beauty and outstanding among other offices.

Fresh Air

Vertical garden gives fresh air. Most of the offices are nowadays even lacking windows. The idea of vertical gardens is a great solution where it filters 90% of air pollution’s and gives us fresh breath. Raising a green wall, reduces pollution’s from air conditioners and appliances. Adding certain aromatics plants keeps the air fresh and sanitized.

Reduce toxins

Vertical gardens help in reducing harmfulness at workplace. Spider plants are great at absorbing volatile organic compounds which are emitted by paint. Green wall acts as filter and prevents dust.

Improve employee morale

improve employee morale

Green walls are a great way to boost employee. Adding a vertical garden to office will provide emotional aid and reduce absenteeism. Employees who create and maintain green wall will reduce their stress and anger. It also helps employees to focus better on their work.

Act as a sound barrier

Vertical gardens naturally block high frequency sounds. Green walls can help in keeping office quieter. Vertical garden is a sound barrier helpful in large workplace.

Save Money

Raising green walls results in saving money too. Since these green walls provide cooling naturally the use of air conditions will be minimized which ends in decrease of energy bills. These green walls almost control 50% of temperature and keeps place cool.

Outdoor benefits

Adding vertical garden to the outside wall of the office it not only creates beauty to the building also increases real estate value to the property. It also provides home for birds and insects and reduce smog. Installing green wall is a great way to decrease expenses and boost company morale.

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