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10 ways to make your workspace more creative

  1. Install a communal table or other gathering tables
    Put a giant table in the meeting room where all can be seated together and know the importance of each other. People will also feel their own importance when sitting together with various departments of the organization.
    People dream their workspace should be like a co-working space or coffee shop. We should create such an environment for their creativity to improve.
  2. Make things movable
    Don’t make people sit at place all over the day. Place rotating table and seats so that they get an activity randomly. If they sit at the same place same position they will get lay soon, and their work also will be slowed down.
  3. Display your values
    On doors of every rooms its really special to paste some values so that employees feel motivated and if they get distracted by observing those words they will understand their mean to be there and get back to work.
  4. Hide the clocks
    Not all the clocks at least in the spaces where people take a break, because sometimes creativity starts when people are relaxed and it needs to be flourished.
  5. Situate joy
    Keep in employees table or drawer with tiny gifts or chocolates often so that they feel surprised, joyful, energetic and much more productive.
  6. Put creative tools in the way
    Get your tools updated when something new launches in the market. When tools get updated automatically products get updated.
  7. Build a home-y kitchen
    The kitchen should not bring only corporate feel. Have glass and utensils and allow employees to cook their simple foods so that they enjoy a homey situation.
  8. Use nature to support the well-being
    Allow natural light to pour on maximum people. Arrange seating like all facing outdoor as much as possible and keep green plants in office wherever possible.
  9. Cultivate permission
    Allow employees to paste what they have created so that they get appreciation from their colleagues, friends, and management which help him/her keep going.
  10. Provide spaces for projects
    Always give enough space for the project to be done where there is no disturbance. Every office have such a place to help employees not to get distracted.

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