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Tips for designing a conference room that will “WOW” clients.

Tips for designing a conference room that’ll wow clients.
Meeting room gives clients a good impression whether it will be positive that they will get creative ideas or negatively they will feel uncomfortable or stuffy.
Consider your client’s needs
Of course you want your clients to have meet up in a comfortable zone. You need a good elbow room and enough space to walk around. Also, it should be small enough and safe so that they are within a group. Get to know the number of people participating in the meeting. Measure the hall area. Get furnitures that are compact. Seats should be comfortable and adjustable for users.
Choose a table configuration
U shape table will keep everyone being attentive towards speaker and classroom type will accompany many number of people. So make sure which is more important for your business needs.
Pick the right room
Keep the meeting room where distractions are minimum. You can choose the room next to CEO cabin which will much better. Or if you don’t find any like that, you can hire professionals to do soundproof so that it helps in not getting distractions while in a meeting. Also, the color of meeting room plays a vital role in the emotions of clients. If you have painted blue it brings calm and agreeable between clients, but if you have painted red it triggers argument able emotions within clients. Also, the color should have a combination with your brand and logo.
Adjust the lighting
It is good that little outside light enters the room. Make sure it’s covered with shades. Do not use bulbs that give overheat. Also, avoid bulbs on overhead. If the meeting is a large use of organic LED lights.
Provide amenities
Provide necessary amenities like a refrigerator so that can have water and soft drinks whenever they required. Also, place one or two bins at the corner so that they can dispose of trash properly. Provide cabins to provide their belongings and make sure it is safely protected.
Do a test run prior to the meeting
It’s a big task to get ready for the Big day. So its good to have a trial before executing on the same day. Do a mock meeting with your own colleagues assuming them as clients and give a presentation, make sure all technical things are in good condition. Ask them feedback so that you can improvise for the real big day.
Wrapping it up:
No matter how you design your meeting room, its important that its safe enough to discuss important things and brainstorm.

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