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Tips to improve air quality

Natural Ventilation

Improving air quality is letting natural air into a building. However, we can’t predict the inflow and outflow of air, it’s essential as well as naturally healthy. Sometimes outside temperature can also affect ventilation.

Spot ventilation

We have seen exhaust fan above the kitchen and the air vent in the bathroom, likewise spot ventilation is a way to improve air quality at office helps in exhausting moisture and air pollution. This goes well where extra ventilation is required in the commercial building.

Whole building ventilation

Improving air quality is the replacement of natural and spot ventilation when you feel it’s not that effective. Whole building ventilation with control helps in removing dust and air pollutants.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is one of the easiest ways to install in a commercial building to get good ventilation and improve quality air. It can be adjusted as per employees need even at extreme weather. It helps in purifying, filtering and supply pure air to office interiors.

Controlling air pollutants

Air pollution mainly happens because of the products inside the office which includes furniture, paint, building itself. Purchasing odorless furniture’s, wood furniture’s with polishes, by adding all this you can improve air quality. It is also recommended to use green cleaning products.

Clean spills immediately: Excess moisture supports growth of mildew which can cause severe health growth.

Add some office plants: Plants at office helps in removing toxins and produces oxygen. Some plants also help in filtering air and produces fresh.

Use fresh air whenever possible: If you have windows at office its good to keep it open to get fresh air. Keeping windows open will help in circulating air in and air quality around office.

Keep your office clean: Vacuum cleaning and dust cleaning should be done on regular basis in order to keep the place neat and clean. Cleaning office space regularly will make less pollutants in air and keep employees away from sick.

Inspect and clean your air ducts: Its necessary to inspect the air conditioners if some symptoms of problems are noticed. Do it before it is compromised with some employee’s health. Air ducts can be removed by calling on people for servicing air conditioners.

Have your air quality tested: There are right tools to test the air quality. Airflow, humidity, ventilation.

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