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How do colors inspire employees at office?

Employees spend much of the time at office than at home. So, it’s true that color of the walls at office matters more. This affects productivity, efficiency and overall attitude at office.

Color Effect

Blue: The Vibe: Calming, Promotes trust, Communication and Focus.

Ideal in: Blue color is itself completely positive even when its in different shade. It calms down the person, keeps relaxed, lack of emotions and brings out intelligence.

Yellow: The Vibe: Optimistic, stimulates the spirit

Ideal in: It is the brightest color and most observed by human eyes. It also brings brightness to office.

Green: The Vibe: Also calming, promotes balance and confidence.

Ideal in: Green is a natural color which indicates growth. It helps in balancing and building confidence.

Red: The Vibe: Stimulating, active, passionate.

Ideal in: Red itself means power. It also determines strength, energy as well as passion.

Orange: The Vibe: Cheerful and energetic.

Ideal in: Orange color defines excitement and warmth. It is to drive attention.

Color considerations:

The where: It’s not just the vibe of the color its also important that where these colors have to be used. Like in conference room or reception or HR Spaces.

The who: Make sure who will be working in particular place. It says that white and grey wall offices will create sad emotions in women and for men purple doesn’t suit.

The How: Don’t avoid a color because of its too bright, there is always saturation for a color.

Not all or nothing:

It’s not that only one color can be used, actually colors do well when they are merged with each other.

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