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Tips to save money while renting/leasing an office space

Its all a dream for startups to expand their business when it starts to grow. But this phase where they should be highly concentrated where they can save money. Because saving money is the best part of every startup. Owners should think about where and how they can save money without leaving a single way.

Here are some of the ways

1.Explore furnished office to its fullest

There are lots of furnished and unfurnished offices available in the market. Its that initially unfurnished office space attracts you more for its less cost and when its empty space looks bigger. But the actual fact is, its better to go with furnished office spaces even though the price is a bit high. Because when you rent or lease an unfurnished office space the charges you afford for furnishing and setting up the whole office will be much expensive than the plug and play office space. Also, it saves you much work and time when you go for furnished space. It’s only that you have to do is step in and start your operations.

2.Consider negotiating and renegotiating

As there are many vacant office spaces available in these days it’s your chance to win negotiating. You can negotiate as much as you can, but that should be convincing on both sides. You can also ask for extra services like security and maintenance where you wanna pay extra for that. Negotiating saves a part of the money to your business.

3.Minimize the workforce

Nowadays manual work is much reduced where technology has developed more. So have a thorough check before you shift to new space. So that you need not spend on paying for unused resources. Have a check on the role of your employees and find which location should be allotted for whom. Priorities should be made based on their role. This will save you more money.

4.Rent out your resources when they are not in use

As mentioned above there may be some resources left out unused as of now. Maybe later when you expand your business it will be in need. Meantime, instead of paying for them unnecessarily you can rent out really to make profit out it. This not only saves you money but also gets you additional amount.

Apart from all these small things you can get help of experienced real estate agent in which they will take care of entire process and handover you a lovely environment to work.

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