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Ways to Show Your Interviewer That You Really Want the Job

Do you have an interview coming up for a job that you really want? And are
you thinking how best to get this job, without coming across as desperate in
the interview?
You should always plan this in advance if you are excited about the company and desperately want to work for the organisation. If you are excited about the company, you will be more energetic and proactive with your work. To show the interviewer that you are really interested in the company, you can follow these practices before or during the interview which are very effective.

1)Do the research: Before going to the interview room, always do your homework. Spend some time in researching about the company by reviewing the company’s website, press releases, their social media presence, etc. By proper research, you will be able to know about the organization culture and it will surely demonstrate the interviewer that you have made the efforts and therefore must be interested in the role as well.

2) Practice well: Try to practice the questions and their key answers with
respect to the job you have applied for. Figure out if there are projects,
specific training courses or examples from your previous jobs that are particularly relevant? If yes, prepare yourself to talk about your past experiences. Practice your answers well beforehand and if possible, try to get the feedback from someone. This will surely show your keenness for the role and leave an impact on the interviewer in a positive way.

3) Ask question: Asking a question from the interviewer that is relevant to the company or the job role offered by the company will demonstrate your curiosity towards the job.

4) Don’t overlook the non-verbal communication- A smile, good
handshake, control your hands while speaking can improve your chances of getting selected over other candidates.

5) Final Pitch– Before leaving the interview room, once the question-answer session gets over, give 2-minute pitch which will help the interviewer to understand why you are interested in the job role. Try to be clear and precise.

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