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Things To Do Before Job Interview

  • Do your homework

Research about the company and its background and keep information handy. Also pick latest news about that industry to play with examples at interview. This shows your interest. Read the job description thoroughly and understand it clearly.

  • Prepare your questions

When you are asked for questions from your side in the interview be prepared to shoot some. This shows that you are ready for that position and unique from other candidates.

  • Practice your interview technique

Think and have a preplanned idea of how you can highlight your skills in the interview. For example, if you are supposed to give a presentation as a part of interview, give it a final run-through.

  • Plan your journey

Have a plan how can you reach the destination. Check with public transports or where can be parked. Estimate time duration of reaching. Try to be at least 15minutes prior to the scheduled time.

  • Stay Focused

In order to give your full attention in the interview keep your diary clear before and after the interview. So that you need not mess up with other activities that have to be done on the same day.

  • Sleep well

Have a sound sleep the night before your interview. Don’t rush up with last minute preparation and load your mind which will affect your good sleep. Taking good sleep and calming down yourself will result in best relaxation during your interview.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast/Lunch

Fuel yourself with healthy food so that energy lasts longer and you don’t lack in confidence throughout your interview process.

  • Stay calm and confident

Its nature that you will get nervous before few minutes of interview, in spite of it try to stay calm. If you have done enough research you need not be nervous. Take deep breaths and have some positive thinking at those times.

  • A final read through

Take a glance of your researched information to stay fresh or recall. Here you need not research on new things which will flop your older confident ones too.

  • Don’t forget printouts

Make sure you have hardcopies of your resumes in hand, maybe one or two extras. Also, any reference letter if any. Carry a notepad and pen without fail.

  • Dress Appropriately

Dress up yourself neatly with ironed clothes. Look professional at any cost. Stand on good looking paired shoes.

  • A friendly, professional greeting

Give a friendly professional greeting to the reception employee of that company. Introduce yourself and let her know that you are there for interview flowed by interviewer’s name.

  • Wait professionally

Waiting before interview is a common thing, where you can relax, and don’t forget to manage your body language to be professional. Its not a good time to check your social medias or WhatsApp your friend, its better to leave your phone switched off for quiet sometime.

  • First impressions count

It’s a great fact that first impression is the best. So, when you meet your interviewer try to be professional, courteous and say hello stretching your hand with a smile. Use this interview to showcase your knowledge and techniques that you have brushed up a week’s ago and overnight. 

Best Of Luck!!

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