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Tips for managing an employee through a personal crisis.

Every single person will come across some personal crisis at some point of time in life. It can be divorce, a death that makes them feel too emotional. HR managers are tasked how they can help employees come out of this crisis and also considering business on the other side.

Listen and be compassionate

If an employee comes up with a personal crisis to his/her HR manager, pay attention to them without fail. Do not interfere with your advises and ideas before they complete. Hear their issues completely and then decide how to help them in overcoming out of it without affecting business. If the employee is not coming up with his issues but when you come to know that he has a crisis by his/her strange behavior than usual then its time to call up for a meeting. You initiate and start talking and follow the same patients. At its important to let him know how he is observed and called for a talk. So that he will be aware of how his emotions affect the work and work environment.

Make sure work isn’t the problem

In some cases, in spite of the personal crisis, work itself becomes a crisis for employees. Make sure you don’t lose a good hard-working employee because of over workload. In that case, confronting it is better. This will not affect the company’s turn over.

Keep it professional

Asking directly about one’s personal life becomes dangerous. It may create conflicts among other employees. It may also make employee use that situation in a false way. Keep the conversation confidential as much as possible. Get to know how much should we understand their personal and how much should be left up to them.

Offer reasonable assistance

In some cases, allow or give him some time until they solve their problems on their own. Put him on leave or schedule his work, without urging him giving him earlier deadlines.

Plan for the worst

Even if you deal with the employee’s problems smoothly, there are chances that they will quit. So be prepared for the worst case too. You should be able to refill the position as soon as possible without affecting the company’s revenue.

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