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How to Ask for a Raise

Who doesn’t want a raise or want to feel motivated with a good appraisal. If you really wish to get a hike, educate yourself so that you can formulate a strategy that can possibly fetch you better chances.
You can look up to these tips:
1) Ask after a big accomplishment: – You just scored a deal? It’s a good time to ask for a raise. Always prove yourself first and then capitalize on the momentum of your success.

2) Write and rehearse: Don’t enter the meeting empty-handed. Jot the list of strong reasons as to why you deserve a raise. Try to mention why you deserve it, the accomplishments you made, expansion in your responsibilities, new strategies you have adopted and any if you have regarding the bright future of the organization.

3) Request on the right time: Figure out company carry out performances reviews. Discretely discuss it with your colleagues or your human resource department to get the sense of the timeline. You should align your request with the company financial trajectory.
4) Dress the part: Even though you are allowed to wear anything in office, try to take out a few minutes from your schedule and make an effort to look more presentable at the time of meeting. Iron your clothes, wear a tie or polish your shoes, it will help you feel more confident.
5)  Don’t use information about colleagues salaries as a reason why you should get a raise: Avoid bringing in office gossip to your discussion. Even if you know someone makes more money than you and you think that you deserve a salary that’s equal—or higher—it’s advisable to keep that kind of private information out of your conversation. It’s just not professional.

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