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Review, increase rating or ranking, evaluation and classification concept. Businessman draw five yellow star to increase rating of his company.

Performance reviews are a process, not an event.

Performance reviews are necessary. Employees should know how they are performing. Performance feedback increases engagement and overall organization performance are improved when it is regularized. Any feedback is valuable at the same time it shouldn’t be boring and time consuming. Here we can see how these can be made interesting and not boring. 

5 ways to keep performance reviews not boring

  1. Break the longer annual review conversations into smaller discussions: It is that having series of small conversations instead of longer discussion. The conversations are split and focused on goal setting, performance, career development and progress. It should be brief and to the point.
  2. Add a stay interview component: Employee retention and turnover is the number one challenge faced by HR Professionals today. For this company can create a questionnaire where which part of job every employee is enjoying.
  3. Ask employees to do self-evaluation: Giving employees an opportunity to rate their own performance. Also comparing that with previous review as well. Doing this will be a eye-opening for both employee as well as manager. Where employee will realize what development is in his career and manager look the same on company side.
  4. Incorporate goal setting: Review discussion is where not only the past has to be discussed, it’s also a place where future plans should be discussed. Employees can talk about their future plans and how it can be executed. And what are the initiatives they are going to adopt to achieve their goal.
  5. Train managers to ask for feedback: Its not that only employees can give their feedback. Its time to ask them what they want from management side to achieve their goal.   

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