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How HRs can support mental health during times of uncertainty

Before a lockdown was imposed, more than six in 10 adults felt anxious or worried as a result of the coronavirus. Being stuck indoors, unable to go to office, meet friends and loved ones is weighing high on every individual’s mind. The question that now arises is, what can HRs do to support the employees’ mental wellbeing?

Supporting people’s mental health and wellbeing is the main challenge for employers. Work from home along with social seclusion followed by anxiety about COVID can develop depression among employees. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that there is communication between the employees and managers.

HR cannot be there for absolutely everybody, so managers need to be the go-to person in between authorities and employees. According to HRs, in order to avoid any kind of emotional disturbances among the employees, communication is necessary.

The best that an HR can do is casually make sure that an employee is doing well and check how the tasks are being taken care of by them. This is a cost-free way of assuring employees that someone cares and is there for them.

Regular communication has many proven benefits. This will help employees build the right confidence, mental peace and have the defence mechanism to handle tough situations.

Strong social connection during work from home is important to lift mental wellbeing. The HR can encourage group chats which can result social interaction to an extent and fill in the void of connectivity that the employees are missing out on. However, the HR must also ensure that the interactions do not exhaust the employees.

COVID has resulted in increase of stress and anxiety among worker all around the word. In such a situation, HRs must assure that support is available at all times. These little steps can result in positive mental health of employees thus resulting in better productivity.


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