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Performance Appraisal: 7 ways to ask for a hike and promotion

Performance Appraisal is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated and documented. It’s a description of your achievement in your own words.

The following steps will show how to highlight your achievements

  1. Determining how your self-review will be used.

Walkup to your boss and get to know how they are planning to use your review plan. Also be aware who is going to view that form. Your performance appraisal will play a huge role in hike and promotions. Majority of bosses hate writing long for every individual team mate. If your boss is in that category you can only help him by writing explaining clearly about your achievements so that he can verify and copy paste your content as it is.

  • Stressing on your achievements to push for a promotion

Self-appraisal form is a crucial piece of information for the company. It is an opportunity for your boss to look into your achievements, they may not give much importance for it, but again its your duty to highlight it before him.

  • Acknowledging mistakes to sound genuine

‘Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary for a worthwhile achievement’. If you have committed mistakes acknowledge them. So be honest and mention it.

  • Mentioning training and development programs

List down all the learning activities you underwent throughout the year and show them that you are here not only for company growth also you are updated technically and not behind the competition instead ahead it.

  • Asking what could have been done better

If your boss is not giving back you any feedback its your duty poke him to say few. Take initiative and ask, you may not like to hear negative feedback, but its always good to know what is in your boss’s mind. Who knows you may get some best compliments from your boss in a flow? Always hope for positive.

  • Talking about a salary hike

It’s the best time to discuss about the compensation you will get. Confidently bring up the points and show that you deserve it. Money measures your hard work and success.

  • Determining your goals for the year ahead

You can also list down your future plans for company’s overall business goal. List them down as a part of performance appraisal. Have a note of major goals and explain them in detail during review conversation.

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