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Commercial real estate to rebound in 2021

The real estate sector is going through a difficult phase since past many months, but the commercial segment is still faring well and also receiving the maximum responses of investors. In fact, 2020 witnessed a whole PE influx of $970 million into Indian market, and commercial realty enticed the highest private equity funds, adding approximately $3 billion in the first three quarters.

In the retail sector, opening levels have dipped low to 14 per cent in 2020. Around 7 million square feet of retail sector is anticipated to arrived the marketplace in the year 2020, thereby subsidising to the overall healthy progress of the real estate space in Ind

When we equate the venture in commercial with residential, then it can be said that revenues from commercial are better. An augmenting amount of private equity funds exhibited interest in the commercial office space in 2019, which was followed by the same in 2020. The style of commercial office space having a greater role in real estate properties will stay. There will likely be additional infusion of liquidity in saleable asset and inventors will come up with more projects in this fragment.

This sector, which comprises of industrial, retail and frontier areas such as co-living, is flourishing as a result of worthy revenues in the short and long term. The stakeholders with real estate know-how diverted their contemplation towards the lucrative real estate. With the government initiating steps needed for boosting the economy, the sector is expected to bounce back and carry on with its upright run.

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