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Super green: The science-backed benefits of plants in your workspace

Looking through your office window? See any plants?
If yes, you should be happy to know that you will experience less stress, less illness and more freshness due to more oxygen. You also likely enjoy more
productivity, positivity and more motivation for your workplace.
You will be surprised to know that even a small rubber plant in the corner can
contribute in many benefits.
This can be truly proved by the study happened in 1995. A Norwegian research team split up a group of 60 office workers. Half the group worked in a plant-free environment whereas half were made to work in a room with a full planter on the window sill and large floor plants positioned near desks. After 6months, the group switched. At the end of the year study concluded that when the plants were in the space, fatigue reduced, cough decreased, skin conditions were better. The study proved that the improved quality of air can do wonders to your health.
Add more plants to your environment.
You can’t even imagine the sure benefits of planting trees and the good thing is you don’t have spent much on them. Even adding one plant to your space can make a difference. Even some research recommended that one plant per three employees are enough to avail the benefits of pure air. Some of the plants that tend to thrive best in an office environment include aloe, cactus, succulents, peace lilies, and the ever-popular rubber tree plant.

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