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Workplace trends

Trends in the workplace are changing day to day. Some of the workplace trends are like welcoming nature and some are welcoming new technologies. Workplace trends are based on furniture, walls of office, cabins, conference rooms, pantry etc.,

Working outside the box– In most offices, people are working and more productive just out of their cabins. Mostly gathering at the conference room, meeting rooms and cafeteria and lounges. But still, many companies have not taken this into consideration.

Daylight and productivity– More than bright lights and air-conditioned air, natural light and ventilation maintain the alertness of employee.

Collaboration happens anywhere– great ideas do not pop up when seated in a place. It happens when interacting with some people. This is where collaboration happens.

Space is defined by workstyle, not status– Working at a small private space is no longer aim for younger workers. All they aim is achievement and rank.

Design and the bottom line– Determining the real cost and value. Smartly designed office spaces to consume fewer expenses.

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