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Tips to Make Your Office Carpet last-long

Your investment on office carpet in huge and to make it last longer regular cleaning is essential.
But how often and how best you can clean your carpet? Here are a few tips.

  1. Create a maintenance plan
    To choose the best cleaning way it’s important to have the right plan. The ways of cleaning will be unique to every office. It depends on foot traffic and weather and location of the office.
    To plan your cleaning, first map your office space and foot traffic to each room. Then mark it signal priority.
    Red– High traffic areas
    Yellow-Medium traffic areas
    Green– Less traffic areas.
    From this, you can conclude which area requires much attention, which requires less attention.
  2. Vacuuming
    Vacuuming is the main cleaning to be made on the carpet. As per maintenance plan your red area zone should be cleaned on a daily basis. And medium traffic zone can be done twice a week and green area can be vacuumed once a week. It also depends on the weather. It means you have to clean up frequently more times in winter than in summer because during winter people bring more dirt and water with their shoes to carpet, which should take extra care.
  3. Deep Clean
    Vacuuming alone is not at all enough for cleaning carpet. Deep cleaning is also must. Because with the vacuum you can remove 80% of dirt on the carpet. With the leftover 20%, you should deep clean. For high traffic area monthly once. For medium traffic area yearly thrice and for less traffic areas yearly once deep cleaning is necessary for best results.
  4. Have a process in place to deal with spills
    Most carpets have built-in stain resistance so that it can manage small spills. There is a difference between large spills and small spills to clean it up. If you pour a whole cup of coffee then it should be cleaned immediately in order to remove it clearly, rather than spilling one or two drops.
  5. Choose a patterned, stain resistant carpet to hide stains
    It also depends on the color and pattern of the carpet you use. Light colored plain carpet will look beautiful but will never last long. Even small coffee spills will be highlighted. But in dark patterned carpet, you can easily hide dirt.

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