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Etiquette’s in Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces are becoming a trend now. With the posh offices that you can use at a bare minimum cost, people and budding entrepreneurs are making their way to such spaces to focus only on their business which they can operate from a great clean, tidy location.

You are surrounded by many such entrepreneurs and co-workers. It is always advised to have certain code of conduct when you are in such spaces. It just makes lives of everyone easy and you become a silent hero. Since we all are sharing spaces, we all need to share responsibilities of being good and easy to each other.

Co-working and shared office spaces are becoming the new cool.

What it is? How it is differentiated from office spaces.

It’s a place where many entrepreneurs and companies work in a shared environment. It depends on the area of the office space. It makes the life of an Entrepreneur or a company very easy and affordable where, you can pay only for what you use and have the luxury of using a beautifully designed office space.

These setups are blessings for the startups. Its cost-effective and let’s you focus on the idea and the business. You also get a chance to interact with co-workers on different opportunities and build contacts which will some or the other way help you in your business. You can use this space to network and grow.

When you are working in this mixed set-up, it is always great to follow some basic etiquettes in such spaces.


No one likes noise. This makes people distracted easily. As this being a complete business place avoiding unnecessary noises is must. Make sure your colleagues and co-workers are not disturbed.

Pick your own food

Everyone and anyone enjoys food. So that joy shouldn’t be messed up with others. Always be aware about the place from where you are picking up your food. Since it’s a co-working area employee from all companies will keep their food in the respective area like refrigerators. So be careful and double-check when you pickup to eat. You may mess up with co-worker’s pack. Its better to place your food with your name on it, just to avoid confusions.

Plan your day and space.

Use the seats that you have paid for the scheduled time only. It’s always good to keep the place clean for the next co-worker to use. Leave it like you want them to leave it for you.

Keeping your habits toned down

We all have certain fighting habits like knocking the pen or pencil on table making sounds, playing with fingers on desk. This is something your co-worker may not like to hear or see. Its good to avoid these habits or tone it down.

Keep it clean

We all love to be clean and see things around us clean. Make it a habit to keep co-spaces clean and neat.

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