Looking at the COVID-19 Second Wave, which is quite disturbing and alarming with the current situation in which the Government Infrastructure also is trying their best to support the citizens. Even with all the protocols and other control measures being put in place, it is quite alarming that things are going out of control and people are getting affected by the virus.

In this scenario, we understand that you as an organisation must have encountered many scenarios/instances where your employees and their close ones are getting affected by COVID and facing consequences that are hard to face. As an employee-centric company, there might have been a running thought at the back of your mind as to how you could contribute towards the well-being of your valuable assets (employees) and how you could build that confidence in them to rely on you during these tough times.

Identifying the NEED OF THE HOUR, we are fortunate to announce that Fidelitus Team is now stepping up a notch to be a warrior during this pandemic. With a new perspective, we now propose to you as an organisation that we are ready to help you set up a Dedicated Isolation Centre for your dear ones within a short period. We are a confident and well-equipped team will all the compliances and govt approvals in place to ensure that every step involved in the process which includes identifying the property, setting up the infrastructure, and deploying people to run the centre all of this can be taken care of by us in the most efficient manner.


With the scarcity that has hit the nation, these are better options for people to isolate which could make the covid affected person feel safe and secure when his or her family cannot aid them. Isolation is one of the only ways you can save your family and your loved ones against the pandemic that has hit the nation. Covid care centres contribute to the nation in a big way by allowing each one of them to avail such facilities and regain their right to live healthy and safe. There is hope for the person affected with the best hospital care being available, dedicated to him from his organization as a privileged social security measure in safeguarding the health of the employee and his dependents.

It is highly important and inevitable that the Covid Care Centers will serve the purpose of Isolating the affected patient for the good health of the other person who has not come in contact with the virus.
It becomes all the more important where the corporates will have to look to the best-dedicated efforts in ensuring total control of the spread of the virus, by creating dedicated Isolation Centre for a year or two would draw a big mileage for ensuring that the society at large is not burdened with the provisioning of dedicated Isolation care for its core employees.

The corporate would be extending its worth in the nation-building activity by having its dedicated Isolation Centre, which can help one and all in saving the most valuable lives of people. The populace who are not affected is ensured with a safe environment to live with.
In establishing a dedicated Isolation centre for your core employees and dependents, you have not only taken care of your employees and their dependents, but you have also helped the government infrastructure to expand their support to the common man, as you would be reducing the burden of covid care needed to the extent of your employees and their dependents’ requirement.


We also would like to emphasize that we have obtained all the relevant approvals and permissions from the Government authorities for completely managing the Isolation centre, in association with Hospitals of repute. This would ensure that your complete requirements are well handled and managed during the term of hiring the Covid care centre for your employees and their dependents.

In the current scenario, It’s a great initiative to have an exclusive covid care Isolation centre to take care of your biggest assets – Your Employees and their loved ones. Please feel free to call/mail us for further assistance.

In the current pandemic scenario, when there is a scarcity of hospital beds and medical services due to the increasing covid cases, to support our esteemed clients, we have set up a special Fidelitus covid warriors team to search, locate, evaluate and execute an exclusive Isolation Centre along with medical support within a short span of time, which would help our clients in supporting the affected people at the right time. We are focussing on providing world-class medical facilities to ensure all your employees isolated in our centres can maintain good health and stay safe. We will ensure all the required facilities are available at the centre to make the isolation period as comfortable as possible. In such hard times, we would like to do our bit to help the world overcome the pandemic.




Isolation centres will help you take care of your biggest assets – Your Employees and their loved ones. Covid care centres play a major role in ensuring that we break the chain and reduce the spread of the virus. Since COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, it is important that patients tested positive for it and those who are suspects can be kept separately, in designated facilities till the time they are tested negative for the disease. This is an important step since some individuals, in spite of being asymptomatic, can still be carriers of the virus, which means they can still pass it on to others. Therefore, it is important to identify dedicated intensive care beds to isolate positive and suspected cases.