How the ‘Office Lobby’ speaks for itself

How the ‘Office Lobby’ speaks for itself

A corporate lobby shouldn’t just be functional but should also highlight the simplest of the corporate culture. Over the last century, the workplace has seen some huge changes in terms of design employee dress and ways of working and in fact technologies.

When you walk into an office block for the primary time and it takes just a couple of seconds to make a primary impression.

Design is a crucial element of a firm’s brand image. A corporation with a dowdy office just sends a confusing message to client’s partners and employees.

While the planning and layout of the whole office is vital designers say the design of the lobby area is paramount this is often the primary space that catches the attention of a visitor.

 “The lobby should reflect powerful message about a company’s identity products and services,” says Ram Nagesh Design Head.

Gone are the times when a reception area meant a desk for the receptionist and a couple of chairs. Companies today are looking forward to make memorable lobbies, here are few tips.

Space & Layout

Like any other space you would like to first take the world into consideration. Is it a little room or a grand triple-ceiling atrium-style space? The colors of furniture pieces and décor elements will completely depend upon the space at hand however large or small the space, the spot for the counter maybe and therefore the lounge must be earmarked. If there’s enough space you’ll choose variety of waiting zones spread round the lobby.

 Beyond Function

You can bring local culture into the décor with native sculpture or maybe a mural by an artist covering a wall.
You could also highlight the company’s CSR initiatives here. If the corporate is supporting a faculty, a series of black-and-white photos of the youngsters in school on a wall might be inspiring. Finally, remember that this is often an area used constantly and is very visible also. So use materials, from paint to furniture to décor items that are stain-proof, scratch-resistant and straightforward to wash.

Brand Reflection

The lobby is the first physical representation of the corporate that majority clients or potential employees will see. It should, hence, reflect what the corporate stands for. A young design company can splash bold colours on the walls, have minimalist modern furniture and choose decor features. The company’s logo and name should be visible clearly. The brand could even be a back-lit installation on the wall behind the counter. If you’ve got enough space, you’ll find out an information area where material about the corporate is out there. In smaller spaces, an interactive screen is often put abreast of a wall that explains the background of the firm.

Lighting as Art

Try to have the maximum amount of natural lighting as possible. It gives an open feel and is energy efficient also.
With the various lighting designs available, your lighting fixtures can become a part of the decor while fulfilling its functional requirement also. For a little space, choose recessed white light and use a couple of yellow light-fixtures as focus lighting or maybe as an installation. It could just be a series of low-voltage naked bulbs hung at different levels during a line behind the counter. For an outsized atrium, a many-layered chandelier within the middle of the lobby area is going to be an arresting statement piece.
Depending on the design that must be conveyed, a standard or a contemporary fixture are often installed. Variety of design studios and international lighting designers create special installation pieces in materials starting from traditional glass to metal or maybe crystals. This singular design element is enough to make the lobby look stunning.

Ram Nagesh
Design Head – PMS

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